5 Biggest Interior Design trends in 2020

Design trends come and go. For 2020, we see several trends from the 70s and 80s that have made a comeback, and more recent ones that have been dropped like a hot potato. There are many credible online sites to get some professional insights from. Interior design Edinburgh is a good source where you can get tons of inspiration from.

Here are your interior design trends in 2020. 

  • Earth tones

2020 ushers the return of earth tones and the exit of cool tones. We see a resurgence in the use of colours like chocolate brown, yellow ochre, wine, and olive green. This colour palette is reminiscent of the outdoors, which we want to bring in our living space. We see this not just in the wall colour but also in furniture and room accessories. It does not need to be drab and monotonous. You can bring in a rich chocolate-coloured couch or a black-coloured door as accents to add drama to the space. 

  • Multi-functional spaces 

As real estate bounces back in the market, prices can skyrocket. So homeowners need to be wise in the use of their living space. One smart way to maximize your space is to have multi-functional spaces. We see a rise in combining nursery and playroom in one, the kitchen area and dining room in another, etc. And with the increase in work-from-home opportunities, we see integrating work spaces in living areas in the home. This trend has risen more so in 2020, along with adopting an open space layout. 

  • Rounded / curvy furniture 

The past few years gave us sharp lines in terms of furniture but 2020 gets its inspiration from the 60s. We no longer see sharp-edged furniture. On the contrary, furniture has taken a more rounded shape akin to our grandparents’ furniture – but with a modern twist. There is a sense of asymmetry and a more organic feel to it. 2020 furniture has a softer aesthetic feel, like in circles, waves, or curves. 

  • Biophilic designs  

An offshoot of bringing the outdoors inside is the emergence of the biophilic design trend, i.e. incorporating natural elements into modern-built environments. We see the rise in the use of indoor plants, floral design schemes, and natural materials in the interior design, as well as the popularity of earth colour tones and more use of natural light. We see indoor water sources (fountains, small pools / ponds) more and more as well. Any element that makes us close and/or reminds us of nature is a popular trend in 2020. 

  • Mixing and matching furniture pieces

Unlike in previous trends where design elements are quite uniform, in 2020, we see a more eclectic design scheme with the mixing and matching of different elements. There are combinations of old/antique and modern furniture, mix-match of materials (i.e. warm-coloured and cool-coloured metals, e.g. copper and silver), and mixing rattan and wicker furniture indoors.