Are online casino legally everywhere? And why not in all countries?

Because of the rise of online casinos a lot of money is earned worldwide with online gambling. In almost all developed countries there is therefore some form of regulation around gambling and the casino industry. Exactly how this is regulated varies considerably. This can vary from allowing all forms of gambling without an extensive licensing procedure, to banning gambling altogether. For both land based and online casinos there are often different rules. However, there are plenty of countries where all forms of gambling are prohibited and sometimes there are even severe penalties for violating these rules. In this article we will tell you more about these regulations in different parts of the world.

Gambling in Europe

As I’m sure you know, gambling in Europe is allowed in almost all countries in one way or another. What is and what is not allowed depends on the legislation in the specific country. Sometimes land based casinos are prohibited and sometimes online casinos are. However, there is often a tolerance policy around online gambling when it is not expressly prohibited by law. Moreover, in many countries new rules and laws have been or are being introduced to clarify the current situation.

The situation in North, South and Central America

in North America, the situation varies considerably from state to state. Both in Canada and America, the states may, to a certain extent, decide for themselves what they do and do not allow in the area of gambling. Until recently, there was a federal law that strictly prohibited online gambling, but it was abolished in mid-2018. This made it possible for states to decide online gambling is prohibited or not. In Central America this is also the case almost everywhere. The only exception, of course, is communist Cuba. Here all forms of gambling and casino games are prohibited.

In South America, as in Europe, there are many countries that apply the principle of tolerance around online casinos. In addition, there are often good laws and regulations for land casinos. Exactly how this is filled out differs per country. The only exception to the other countries in South America at the moment is Ecuador. All forms of gambling are prohibited in this country. However, as an individual gambler you cannot be sued if you choose to gamble at an online casino.

The Asian gambling market

In Asia, the difference between the countries is perhaps the largest. There are some countries, such as Vietnam, Cambodia and North Korea, where all forms of gambling are strictly forbidden for their own population, but where tourists can go to a land based casino. Also in the rather ‘western’ Japan, until recently gambling was strictly forbidden. Nowadays land based casinos are allowed to open a branch, as long as they have a hotel or other kind of resort next to it. In Singapore, it is only legal to gamble with a very limited number of government-owned providers.

However, one of the biggest gambling cities in the world is also located in Asia. In Macao, gambling at both online and land based casinos accounts for more than 50% of the city’s total revenue. The casinos in Macau together make more money than those in Las Vegas. This is also due in large part to the fact that gambling is forbidden in China, but Chinese can easily travel to neighboring Macau to gamble. This is also true, to a lesser extent, for residents of Hong Kong and Singapore. In China, only gambling on sports at a physical betting office is legal.

Finally, there is a separate situation in India. Here gambling has traditionally been a national pastime. A decades old law, however, ensures that it has not been allowed for years. Although no one seems to know why the law is still in use, they have not succeeded in abolishing it. Because of this there are a lot of small casinos in people’s homes and there is hardly any regulation over these. In addition, in India, as in many other Asian countries, people can also take a casino boat trip. In international waters the rules and laws do not apply and anyone can gamble to their heart’s content.