Best Post-Apocalyptic TV shows on Netflix in 2019

Post-Apocalyptic stories are becoming the rage on film and TV. They offer a hypothetical glimpse on what could it possibly be like if the world went through a catastrophic event, whether by natural disasters, nuclear war or zombie mutation. The most common theme of these stories is about survival of what remains of the human race and the challenge to rebuild a society. Here are the five best post-apocalyptic series to watch on Netflix in 2019.

The Walking Dead

Of course, you cannot exclude from this list this highly popular series based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman. It follows a band of survivors led by Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes as they keep moving to seek a safer and more secure place to live and rebuild their lives. Naturally, they have to constantly battle zombies (called “walkers” in the series) as some unsavory characters who have taken advantage of the lawlessness and built their own fiefdoms. They series boasts of characters everyone has grown to like such as Grimes, Michonne, Daryl, Glenn and a host of others who are introduced in later episodes. The Show with Rick Grimes will be made into a movie trilogy, reports HorrornChill, where you can watch horror movies online for free.

Lost in Space (2018)

This is based on the novel Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss and a reimaging of the 1965 sci-fi series of the same name. The only difference from the original series is it is set in Earth devastated by a nuclear war and Robinson family is selected to colonize the Alpha Centuari Star System and repopulate humanity. Along the way, they encountered a mishap and they ended up on an unknown planet where they temporarily reside while trying to find a way to get back. It is clear the producers did not want to imitate the original series and rewrote the story to make it interesting rather than make it “just another reboot.”

The 100

This series is set at the world following a global nuclear fallout, causing humanity to evacuate into space until the radiation levels decreased. But due to the scarcity of their food supply, they were forced to go back to Earth to replenish even though it was still risky. They formed an expedition consisting of 100 youth offenders to search for food and determine if Earth is inhabitable again. They have to contend with themselves and those left behind on Earth and formed their own societies.


The plot of this series involves aliens. It is set near-future Los Angeles where alien beings from an organization called the Transitional Authority have taken over. They have set up a totalitarian regime reminiscent of the Cold War days with it usual features. Those who refused to submit to the will of the Authority have formed a resistance movement. The main protagonists are the Bowman Family caught up in this situation.

Z Nation

Originally aired on SyFy, this is not just another zombie-themed series like The Walking Dead. What makes it different from the latter is it is about a prison inmate named Alvin Murphy who was subjected to an experiment that prevented him from becoming a zombie when bitten, but is turning into a hybrid of zombie and human with special abilities such as using telepathy to control other zombies. He joins with a group led by a man called “Citizen Z” who guides them as they make their way to California where there is a lab that hopes to use his antibodies to cure the rest of the world from the zombie infestation.