Changing the CBD oil market one capsule at the time

Revolution has arrived in the world of cannabis. Where smoking cannabis together with tobacco has been the de-facto standard over centuries, we are seeing drastic changes. Since the emergence of CBD oil, more and more products are entering the stage. This is an oil product that is derived from the cannabis plant but has some considerable differences from smoking cannabis. In this article, we will explain the differences and introduce the types of oil production that are possible.

Why people are stepping away from smoking cannabis

Smoking cannabis has been a normal practice for a very long time. However, with the scientific evidence against smoking that has been provided over the last decades, there is enough reason to step away from it. Next to that, there are some negative side-effects to be noted for non-recreational smokers. The presence of the psychoactive THC makes it undesirable for daily use as it alters your behavior. This means that you cannot function in society in a normal way.

The case for cannabis: why people use it

Functioning normally in society is key for many users of cannabis. Of course, there are many recreational smokers but a large portion is simply using it for a specific use case. Ranging from restlessness to focus and anxiety, cannabis can be there to overcome it. Note that the strength of cannabis plays a role in the different use cases. These people are not looking to damage their lunges, they are simply trying to create a happy life. This is where innovations in cannabis are making a major impact.

The emergence of CBD oil

Over the last two decades, we have seen a major shift towards the use of CBD oil. This has been driven by a dozen of manufacturers. One of the leading manufacturers is Cibdol and has been pushing for high-quality production and consumption of the oil. To understand this, we need to look at the two methods that are being used to produce the oil.

Chemical extraction

The first option is based on chemicals. The complete plant is put in a bath together with chemicals that extract the components from the plant. Next, the chemicals are filtered out and the oil is remaining. This is a cost-efficient process but can also be considered to be of lesser quality.

CO2 extraction

On the other hand, we have CO2 extraction. This method is pioneered by Cibdol and uses CO2 to extract the nutrients from the plant. No chemicals are being added, resulting in a pure 100% cannabis oil. The costs are relatively higher compared to chemical extraction but this also provides you with a healthier product.

More innovations are brought to the table

Innovations in the CBD space do not stop there. To make it convenient for people to consume the right amount, innovators are pushing for capsules that can be consumed. This has the benefit of better dosage over a long period. This increases the absorption potential of the body and makes it more suitable for a broad range of use cases.