Could Gambling Become a Big Reason to Buy a VR Headset?

After announcing Half-Life Alyx, a VR game in the popular Half-Life series, 103,000 Valve Index VR headsets were sold according to The Valve Index is far down on the list of best-selling VR headsets in 2019, but it showed how one exciting game can inspire thousands of people to go out and invest in the tech.

Odd releases can’t be the only reason to buy a VR headset, and much more will need to be done to keep the technology popular. One possible way of doing this is to release more casino and gambling games in VR. The online gambling industry has developed in popularity rapidly over the last decade, with it being estimated that the industry now accumulates around $40 billion internationally each year, making it one of the most powerful sectors in the industry in terms of growth in net worth.

Virtual Casinos Represent a Leap Forward for Modern Gaming Tech

Casino would be well-adapted into VR titles due to how much players already care about the immersion and atmosphere of a game. However they choose to play, how the game feels to interact with is a hugely important feature. On the list of popular casino games in Canada on, all of the games offer their own unique aesthetic. The slot game Creature of the Black Lagoon is entertaining but terrifying, the Guns N Roses slot looks and sounds like a rock concert on the reels, and The Ninja makes players feel like a skilled warrior every time they spin.

VR headsets are all about conjuring an effective and navigational atmospheric environment, which is why some other successful VR games are titles like Everest VR, which allows its players to traverse Mount Everest, and Star Trek: Bridge Crew which lets players feel like they are hurtling through space on board a classic starship.

What VR Features Could Casino Games Have?

Furthermore, live casino games, which feature live croupiers, already utilise most of the features that fans would expect from a quality VR game. However, more could be added, such as a feature that makes it look as though the player is sat playing at a casino table, along with in-built microphones that allow players to talk to each other between games.

What Can VR Headsets Do to Become More Successful?

There are a few things that VR headsets can do to become more successful, outside of adapting gambling games into VR titles. One of these is to become more affordable. VR headsets can be incredibly expensive if you have to buy the console and the game itself to go with it so, arguably, if creators want to make sure the tech becomes part of the mainstream, this should be the natural step forward.

There also need to be more quality VR games. There were rumors that Valve was also working on a Left 4 Dead VR game due to Half-Life Alyx’x popularity, according to However, the company has denied these claims. This means that Half-Life Alyx will undoubtedly remain the biggest VR release of the year, though fans can only hope for more innovative releases to eclipse this in the future.

Thousands of people are already enjoying immersing themselves in VR games and having atmospheric adventures. However, if Valve wants to get the next hundred thousand sales, it will have to do more than releasing a rehash of an existing franchise.