Four interior styles that fits your taste!

There is nothing as nice as coming home. Your home is a unique place that is completely decorated based on your personal taste. Personal belongings, such as pictures, make your home even more special. Since it’s getting colder, your home is seeking for even more coziness. You can create more coziness in your house by simply turning on candle lights. However, you can also create a cozy atmosphere by materials such as wood or stone. This creates a warm, rustic appearance. However, this does need to fit your taste in interior. Do you sometimes question how you could bring back your personal taste in your interior? To make it less complex, we listed four interior styles. Do you want to find out what interior style fits your personal taste best? 


Are you a fan of an industrial living style? This style is characterized by its raw appearance. Materials such as bricks and steel really suit this style. It creates an old school industrial atmosphere. Are you looking for furniture that fits an industrial living style? There are plenty of kitchen dining room tables to choose from. With a kitchen dining table from VidaXL you can create the industrial atmosphere in your house that you wish. A table with elements from steel and wood are the best fit for this style.


The hippie era is back and bigger than ever. It comes as no surprise that plenty of people choose this interior style. The oriental elements are a must for this interior style. Moreover lots of plants are necessary to make this interior style as cozy as it can be. It is possible to combine it with old furniture and an oriental carpet. This creates a worldly and exotic atmosphere. This style comes with lots of colors and patterns. It is possible to combine all of these together. 


Do you prefer simplicity? It is of course possible that combining all these colors and patterns are not necessarily your thing. If this is the case, then a Scandinavian interior style is probably a better fit with your personal taste. This style creates a calm, simple and functional atmosphere within your house. Compared to combining different colors and patterns with the Bohemian style, the Scandinavian style is characterized by light and neutral tones. It creates a fresh look. However, it is not needed to only combine neutral and white tones. It can create an interesting look if you combine these lighter tones with dark colors as a counterbalance.


Are you a fan of second-hand furniture? And is your favorite hobby to go to a vintage store? It is getting more and more popular to create a retro look in your home. It is not necessary to only buy second-hand furniture to create a vintage living style. You can combine old with new furniture. It does not only create a nice and unique appearance in your house, but it is also beneficial for the environment. It is necessary to recycle and reuse furniture, so why not make this your interior style?