Green Gambling: The Other Responsible Gaming

We often see companies and organizations advertising their commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). It’s a management catchword that has become de rigueur for many companies trying to build their brand and make a difference in society.

Multinational companies publish their yearly review bolstering their CSR initiatives. Toy companies like LEGO take the initiatives to donate toys to children affected by conflicts in Syria. Starbucks supporting family farms. And Levis and Gap taking bold steps against social issues and promoting an ethical and sustainable supply chain. Of these many lists, we hardly see iGaming companies making the list or at least making a substantial contribution to the community. Although iGaming companies aren’t the first ones that come to mind when it comes to ‘giving back’, there are up-and-coming online casinos that are slow yet sure steps in contributing.


Green Gambling: Giving back the iGaming way

A responsible way of doing business is nothing new. And iGaming companies and casinos are doing their part in promoting their products and services responsibly and responsively. However, much of these efforts are borne out of compliance and not so much about initiatives. For example, online gambling operators popularly advertise their commitment to responsible gambling as part of their CSR initiatives. Responsible Gambling, as a program, refers to a set of social responsibility initiatives that promote the integrity and fairness of the games. This is a main reason why many casinos today implement the Know Your Customer (KYC) protocol, offer deposit and session limit tools, and all players to self-exclude from services for a time.

But there’s a different movement that’s taking iGaming CSR to a different level: green gambling. Instead of simply focusing on tools and resources to motivate players to play within limits, green gambling extends the commitment to the environment. 

The rationale behind this initiative is simple: as responsible players, we only play what we can afford to lose, knowing that we cannot win every time. But what happens with the money that we lose? Does it directly end up in the pockets of the owners/shareholders of casinos? Or are they using the wealth for good things?

Well, we’ll never know what happens behind the scenes or in their board meetings. But some up-and-coming operators are taking the initiative. Slothino Casino, a brand owned and operated by Premier Gaming Limited, takes pride in its program to focus and contribute to the environment. More than its commitment to bring the best online casino games from top vendors, the operator also takes our environment seriously. As an iGaming company, it strives to “bring awareness to the environment in terms of the rainforest and its inhabitants, which we accomplish through subtle brand messaging”.


Workable programs for real environmental issues

A common complaint against CSR initiatives is that many companies only pay lip service. However, Slothino casino is making a case that iGaming can contribute to the environment and it’s not only green-washing. The site has announced its upcoming programs to benefit the environment, including donations to charities related to Sloths and preserving nature in general. Native to South America, the sloth is the official brand mascot of the casino. And what better way to protect its brand than by helping preserve their natural habitats. Yes, many online casinos also contribute to charities. For example, lotteries in the Netherlands are expected to donate half of their earnings to charities. And the finnish state owned casino and bookmaker Veikaus also supports charitable organizations. Slothino makes it meaningful by donating to causes that are close to its heart- the environment and preservation of sloth natural habitats.

Also, the company’s strategic plan includes attention to energy efficiency including the use of renewable energy for its operators. Also, it’s operations and supply chain adhere to environmental awareness and policies. It includes the use of environment-friendly materials for its office and facilities.

Online gambling and the environment may initially appear as incompatible. But thanks to the recent initiatives to expand the CSR programs, operators are starting to acknowledge their growing roles in society. And Slothino takes the lead in making green gambling, not just a marketing catch-term, but a solid and helpful program.