How to make money with online videos

Guys like Pewdewpie and Jeffrey Starr became millionaires because of uploading their videos on the internet. You can also make money by playing video slots for high rollers, but to make money online through uploading videos takes a lot of creativity. 


It is all about the numbers 

YouTube sensations make millions off of their videos. But it never happens overnight. They start seeing money come in when the videos become viral. And once they become viral, more and more people started noticing, and more and more businesses got wind of them. More on how they make money later. 


How to get noticed 

There is a business concept that people follow for success: be the first, be the best, or be different. In the case of the people who make millions from their videos, their common denominator is that they were the first. With the sheer number of videos uploaded online every day, it is difficult to be the first at something – though still possible. Content creators all strive to be the best, if not unique. Combine all 3 qualities and you have got a sure winner. 


How to monetize your videos 

While YouTube is the most popular site to post videos, it is surely not the only one, especially since they have gotten stricter in terms of their rules for their Partner Program. To start earning from your uploaded videos online, content creators should have the numbers, i.e. number of subscribers, number of hits, number of views. The higher the number, the better. Why you ask?


Ad placements 

Advertisers would only place ads on viral content. The more ads that videos get, the higher the income. In general, creators earn USD 9.90 per 1,000 views from ads (provided that viewers do not skip the ad and watch it). If a content receives 1 million views, the creator will take home USD 99,000.  


Number of views 

Then there is number of views. Sites like Darail, Metacafe, and Liverail give payoffs based on the number of views. For example, for Metacafe, once a video hits 20,000 views, the creator becomes eligible to earn USD 2 for every 1,000 views thereafter. So if a video gets 100,000 views, that is USD 160. If it gets 1 million views, it is equivalent to USD 1,960. 


Video downloads 

Selling videos for download on the Apple iTunes Store is another avenue for making money. Content creators can sell whatever videos they create or they can do commissioned work. Demand Media and the New York Times buy videos for their sites like eHow,, or They pay up to USD 1,000 per content.  Then sites like Smartshoot and commission professionally produced videos.They pay USD 1,000 on average per video.  


At the end of the day, creating video content online can only be lucrative if creators put in the hours in creating content that will catch the attention of people and uploading videos regularly. Making the first USD 100 or first USD 1,000 may seem daunting but it can happen.