Improving Your Betting Skills in 5 Steps

With more and more people using the UK’s best betting sites you may be thinking about getting a slice of the action. You may already be wagering on sports and want to improve. Either way, in this post we’ll be taking a deep dive into how to improve your betting skills so you may want to take notes.

Let’s get on with it.

Bet on the Sports You Know

It is good practice to bet on the sports you know as otherwise your bets will be blind and it is little more than a guessing game scenario. To bet successfully you need to conduct analysis on the sport’s inform teams, players, recent results, injuries to key squad members, and their record at playing certain teams.

It gets complicated but once you have this analysis done, you’re in a good position to make better bets.

It will underpin your strategy.


Value is an important concept in betting. Every so often an opportunity arises that is too good to miss. Here, it is normally something the online bookie has missed. This can be that the favourite to win has had bad results against a certain opponent and the odds are very good on the underdog. It is this kind of opportunity that makes your analysis invaluable.


There will come a time when you need to follow your instincts to bet even when on paper the favourite is the clear team to bet on. Again, your analysis pays dividends as you may feel that the lead goal scorer’s rate of the favourite is less than the shot stopping rate of the opponent’s goalkeeper.

It is this kind of knowledge that professionals make their bread and butter from.

Weigh up the Odds

Should say the world’s number one tennis player is playing against the 170th seed the outcome is most likely for the world’s number one to win. As such, the odds of the world’s number one winning are going to be low as to make betting pointless.

Instead, looking at games where there are two evenly matched players is better as the odds are going to be more favourable, and as you have conducted in depth analysis you are in a good position to bet with confidence.

It Never Wants to Get Emotional

Emotion is not your friend when sports betting and if you lose it, you may commit the cardinal sin of chasing losses. This is to be avoided at all costs as this is the road to ruin. You still need to pay the rent after all and keep the lights on, something you can’t do if you’ve blown all your funds.

As such, avoid booze when you bet as one too many can involve in a depleted bank balance, and remember that you are always going to have a bad session. When this happens, walk away and come back another time.

If you can incorporate all of this into your betting, then you should see better returns and have more fun when match day comes around.