The 5 best gaming blogs

There are about 2.3 billion people into gaming at the present time. The average person spends about 6 hours a week playing video games. And with people’s obsession with video games, it spawned the creation of YouTube gaming videos and gaming blogs. It paved the way for this type of blog to prosper.

 We have especially taken a look here at PC Gaming and Console gaming and not at browser games and betting websites that are also getting increasingly popular. If you want to enjoy those don’t forget make use of the betfair sign up offer.


In 2004, the Gawker Media Network launched a video gaming blog site, which they called Kotaku, to cater to young men. Kotaku is Japanese for small (ko-) and obsessive fan (otaku). However, the site did not do so well so Brian Crecente came to breathe life back into the site. Country-specific sites were born since then, e.g. for the UK, Australia, Brazil, Japan. It has become a success over the years, having been included in CNET’s Blog 100 list and in PC Magazine’s Top 100 Classic Websites, ranking #50 in the latter. Kotaku updates the public about new game releases, industry news, game reviews, hardware news, cosplay news, even reviews on snacks based on video games! 



October 2012 saw the introduction of Vox Media’s Polygon, a video game website that shares news, updates, and guides about video games, gaming consoles, even esports. When Polygon started, it featured stories of developers more than video games. Jim Bankoff, Vox Media’s CEO approached Christopher Grant, Joystiq’s Editor in Chief (EIC) to join his team. Grant joined the company in 2012 and got Brian Crecente, Kotaku EIC, and Russ Pitts, The Escapist EIC. Bankoff’s team worked on building Polygon over 10 months. The name was chosen as it represented “the basic visual building block of video games.” 


Gaming Debugged 

Ian Garstang put up Gaming Debugged (formerly known as Debug Design) to report on mainstream and indie video games, newly developed games, news, trends, and reviews about the industry. He founded Gaming Debugged in September 2004. Aside from gaming news, Garstang also puts up blogs and articles about starting gaming blogs and interviews with game developers. 


PC Gamer 

PC Gamer was launched in 1993 and was published by Future plc monthly. It boasts to be the global authority on PC games. It features news and reviews about the latest games, as well as gaming hardware. It also posts reviews on video game graphics and news about esports. They also cover gaming events like the PC Gaming Show at E3. It is available in 3 editions – for the US, the UK, and Australia. 



Destructoid is owned by Enthusiast Gaming, which shares news about new game releases and first impressions. They also give video gamers the platform to share their own reviews and thoughts about video games. It was created by Yanier Gonzalez in 2006 because of his desire to attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Even when that did not pan out, he continued to build his site by writing editorials and drawing cartoons. In 2007, he rebooted the site and included blogs from users and a user forum. It gained momentum as it published breaking news in the industry. In 2017, the company was bought by Enthusiast Gaming.