The Phenomenon of PewDiePie

Who Is PewDiePie?

Many gamers record videos today. They try to show others how they play online games, do any other stuff, such as using bestvpnrating, and comment on their actions. This “letsplay” trend has been initially started by PewDiePie for fun. Unexpectedly, the first recorded video of the gameplay has become extremely popular, and a vlogger has decided not to stop and regularly entertain his watchers.

What Is the Secret of the Success?

Many people wonder how a guy could achieve such success in such a short time term; is it virtual reality or so? There is no secret at all. PewDiePie has become famous not in one day. Having initially created his channel back in 2010, PewDiePie had the number of his subscribers increasing in two years later. In 2013, the world-famous newspaper “The New York Times” even wrote a post about him, mentioning that the number of his subscribers increased to 6 million.

Of course, there are some people saying that the main interest in the videos posted by PewDiePie is due to his comments during the game. All people who have ever checked the channel can be divided into two groups; some consider it annoying and strange, while others, on the contrary, note his sincerity. By the way, the more PewDiePie is criticized, the more fans he has.

It will be interesting to know how many subscribers PewDiePie has on his channel. According to the information provided on the YouTube platform, this guy’s channel has more than 94 million subscribers, while the number of views of some of his videos exceeds 70 million with thousands of different comments. In addition, PewDiePie constantly appeals to its fans, calling them “bros” or “bro,” which is so sweet and cool.

The gamer himself does not like being called “famous,” and he feels discomfort from excessive attention he gets on the streets. For PewDiePie, the best place is a quiet and secluded apartment, where he can do anything he wants using a vpn without being detected. Interesting to know that in 2015, PewDiePie entered the list of the most influential people on the Internet. And that is just a beginning!