The Three Spookiest Spots to Feature in Films and TV Shows

There’s something magical about the days and weeks surrounding Halloween and Thanksgiving. There’s a crisp chill in the air, splashes of vivid color decorate the trees, and flame-lit eyes of pumpkins stare out from every window…

It’s never easier to believe in the supernatural than at this special time of year, when it seems ghosts and ghouls might be lurking around every cold midnight corner. But some places in the world have the edge when it comes to scares.

Widely considered to be among the most haunted places found anywhere on earth, these three terrifying attractions all featured in films and TV shows, but their spooky stories began decades before the cameras started rolling.

Cachtice Castle, Slovakia

The spooky setting of horror film Nosferatu, Cachtice Castle had a horrific history long before filmmakers discovered it. Former home of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, one of the most notorious female serial killers of all time, its crumbling walls would have many stories to tell if only they could talk, for it was here their infamous mistress carried out her gruesome murders. Torturing and killing hundreds of young women, whose ghosts are said to have haunted the ruins ever since, this blood-thirsty noble believed that bathing in blood would help her retain her youth. With evening tours available, would you dare to walk its long and draughty corridors after dark?

Myrtles Plantation, USA

Starring in episodes of Unsolved Mysteries, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and Most Terrifying Places in America, this haunted house is said to be built on the site of a Tunica Indian burial ground. A popular location for anyone seeking out spiritual contact, this spot is often frequented by those with an interest in the otherworldly. As spirituality is becoming increasingly popular with millenials, pursuing professional insight is evolving into common practice. While some feel more spiritually connected at known sites like the Plantation, others opt for alternative methods such as tarot or psychic readings to gain clarity and understanding. Either way, a visit to a location like Myrtles Plantation is sure to conjure a sense of intrigue and deepen anyone’s connection with the otherworldly.

Located in Babinda, Queensland, there is a sad tale behind the horrors of Devil’s Pool, reputed to be the most haunted spot in Australia. Featuring on an episode of Australian TV show Message Stick, this naturally occurring body of water nestles among rocks in an idyllic location, but it is said to have long ago been cursed by an Aboriginal woman who drowned herself in the pool after her lover was taken from her. Ever after, it has been responsible for deaths and drownings, with 17 people having lost their lost their lives here since 1959. Falling or slipping to their deaths, these sorry individuals have grown caught in the fast-flowing currents, eventually slipping below the water and sinking into the depths.

Tell us, would you dare to pay these three terrifying locations a visit for yourself?