Tips for finding your blog niche

Blogging has become a fulltime career for many people. While some have made serious money with it, i.e. big earners make USD 1,000 to 10,000 a month, many are just able to scrape USD 100 to 500 a month from their blogs. And this is not surprising. In 2018 alone, there were about 505 million blogs published online. There is a blog about everything and anything. The secret to the success of some relies on being the first, being the best, and/or being unique. You may not need title loans from Orlando to start your blog but you would need some knowhow to start. 


blog niche is blogging for a specific target market. Readers tend to lean towards blog niches because it answers a specific need or want they have. The approach of blog niches is not aggressive but more informative. This is why companies opt to get bloggers to incorporate links to their websites in their blogs.  


It is important to find your niche because, with the sheer number of blogs published online on a daily basis, you have to find your own place in the sky. You want to get your blogs noticed and read. If you do not target a specific niche, readers will be confused about the kind of blogs you write and you will not gain any loyal followers in the end. 


There are three key things that you need to establish to be able to determine your niche: passion, knowledge, and profit. 



Just like anything in life, your passion gives you the fuel to keep on going despite obstacles. Your passion will always be evident in everything you do – or the lack of it. If you are passionate about something, it will reflect on your writing and you will enjoy doing it day in and day out. Your passion will attract readers to your blog. You cannot fake passion and readers will be able to sense that through your output. 



Even if you are passionate about something, if you do not know anything about it, you won’t be able to write about it. You always have to combine passion with knowledge. In the same manner, even if you are very knowledgeable about a topic but are not excited about it, that will be felt in your writing. If you are passionate about something yet are not well-versed in it yet, do your research first. Better to be fully prepared and armed to the teeth with information than offer something half-baked.


If your objective is to earn money out of your blog, then you have to think of feasibility and viability. You have to do your online research to see the market in that niche. It is in these niches where the chances of earning money is higher. It does not happen overnight but you have to let it gather steam and you have to be consistent. Some bloggers take 1-2 years to establish a good following before companies take notice.


In whatever you do, always find the sweet spot between your passion, your know-how, and profitability and you will never go wrong.