Ways to make money in eSports

Gaming has always been popular among the youth, individual and team competitions alike. At the time, most players were amateurs. When 2000 came in, professional players slowly trickled in and gaming competitions grew instantaneously. By 2010, more professional gamers and larger cash prizes came into play.  

From what used to be a teen addiction, eSports has become a recognized profession and career in just over 10 years. Professional gamers used to earn just enough for food and rent, barely. But now, top players earn seven figures in USD. Cash prizes can go up as high as USD 86 million dollars a year. During the International 2018 DOTA 2 Games, the pot was set at USD 25 million. Dota 2 has conducted more than 700 tournaments and has given over USD 100 million in prize money. On top of the prize money, players under contract also receive an annual salary of around USD 12,500. Aside from playing games, there are other ways to earn through eSports.   

Host eSport games  

Sites like Twitch.tv let you stream your videos as you cover live games. The more flair for showmanship you have in commentating, the more you will catch the eye of viewers and eSport sponsors and businesses. Once you build a following, sponsors will be attracted to you and this will get the ball rolling in terms of earning off your videos. So create your own stream, stream at regular frequencies and times, be entertaining, get a lot of views, and the money may start coming in. It may come in trickles or like a downpour. It all depends on timing and how popular you are among viewers.  

eSports is now recognized as an official sport by the Asian Games and Southeast Asian Games. In 2019, 6 medal events for eSports are included in the Southeast Asian Games. On the other hand, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are still in discussion about formally including eSport games in future Olympic Games.  

Get into eSport betting 

Betting companies have penetrated eSports. And some have seen the potential in earning through eSport betting. If you think you have reached Jedi master level in terms of knowing eSports, and are able to predict game outcomes, try being a bookie or place your own bets to get some money out of it. Playing no risk matched betting is a great option. 


Apply at eSport companies  

eSport companies are fairly young but these may already be earning serious money. Check out their job ads and land a job, if you can. Growing with the company may have huge returns once it grows into a multi-billion dollar business. 


Invest in eSport companies 

If your only superpower is like Batman’s (read: he is rich), then investing in established or up and coming eSport companies might be the best option for you. A bit of research and studying trends is necessary in order to make the right investment.