What to do when your account has been suspended?

The worst nightmare for an online business or any business that relies on their website is to see the message, “Your account has been suspended.” But don’t despair! You can wake up from this nightmare without costing you an arm and a leg and then some. We have quick and easy tips for you here.

This account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information.

The dreadful message.

But, first, you have to understand why your account was suspended. Usually, a web host applies this sanction for your inability to comply with the terms and conditions of your agreement. So make sure you are very familiar with the terms and follow them strictly.

Other reasons may be:

Lack of payment

Web hosts and customers alike do not want to fight about money – usually – so web hosts send payment reminders via email. But there are times when the email does not reach customers so payment delays happen.

Resource abuse

Sometimes, when your site takes up too much memory and space that prevents the hosting service from providing the promised services to all its clients, they may pull the plug on you – albeit temporarily – till you sort your stuff out. Depending on the terms of your agreement, they can suspend your site without warning or you will receive the appropriate warnings so take heed.

Hacked account

If everything is in order from your end, i.e. payments and usage, then the suspension might be because your account has been hacked. Illegal activities set alarm bells ringing in hosting providers. They may or may not warn you about them though.

Terms of Service violation

At any given time that any part of the agreement is violated, providers have all the right to suspend your account. This may be due to various reasons like phishing or spamming, hosting adult sites, copyright infringement, etc. Furthermore, you may face fines and/or legal action.

What to do

Remedies are available to you, depending on the reason for the suspension. Updating your payments, managing your resource use, addressing the hack, and cleaning your site will easily take care of most suspension issues.

To prevent these things from happening or recurring, make sure your payment details are updated so automatic payments go on smoothly or take note of payment due dates. Go over your usage limit and monitor it regularly to ensure you stay within your limits. Or you may choose to upgrade. You also have to fully understand and be fully aware of the terms of service you signed from the beginning.